From The President

Greetings to All,


On behalf of the team and family here at Top Priority Care Services, LLC (TPCS), we are delighted to have you as a guest on our website.  As you become familiar with our agency, it is our hope that we have presented enough information for you to call or email to discuss how we may assist you. If you or your loved one is in need of any services that you may see offered, please contact us at the location closest to you. It will be our pleasure to communicate in more detail about how we may be able to serve you.


When TPCS first started in 2003, I had no idea it would grow to be one of the largest Mental Health agencies in North Carolina. At that time, my desire was to simply meet the needs of a few individuals. I thought that I was completely content with serving as a Master Level Social Worker in the school system along with managing a pregnancy prevention program called “Teens With A Vision, Inc”.


However, TPCS was already destined to happen. This destination was not initially revealed to me most likely because I would have run in the opposite direction.  Since then, I have learned that you cannot run from what you are truly called to do. However, submitting to your purpose and calling is the realization of why you exist.  This realization comes with many responsibilities and fulfilling rewards. Upon your discovery and acknowledgment for purpose in your life, you will find that you possess the necessary tools to fulfill the mission. Usually, tools are already in your possession. In my case, my hands were full of tools that I mistaken for bad experiences, poor choices and self defeat.


I did not realize the tools in my hands would derive from the growth and development of what I considered unpleasant memories. My experiences and encounter with teen pregnancy, low self worth, domestic violence, homelessness, veterans, developmental disabilities and mental illness provided me with a passion and responsibility to make a difference. I did not realize the assistance and care that I once received would one day be the same resources I would pass along to someone of similar needs.


I did not realize that there were many others in the community that shared this same passion as a result of the challenges they too overcame. And finally, I did not realize these individuals were seeking to fulfill their purpose and would also share in my vision of wanting to make a difference in the lives of persons who are faced with some of life’s greatest challenges as a result of developmental disabilities and mental illness.  Together, we are committed to making a difference in this community. We have collectively developed what we think is vital to this mission.


Making a Difference Requires the following:


 I. A Dedicated Team with Purpose/Passion, Education/Skills/Experience:
    1. Identify individuals that have a true passion to help those that may not be able to help themselves.
    2. Identify the individual’s purpose of wanting to serve this population; and
    3. Ensure the individuals have an education/experience to facilitate the required skills for success.


II. A Plan
    1. Identify anyone who may need short and long term assistance in rehabilitation and habilitation skills.
    2. Once identified, asses the current need(s) and jointly decide the best approach to address the problem through a written plan.


III. A Wealth of Resources
    1. Research, network and develop relationships in the community, state and nation for the purpose of obtaining various resources that will benefit the specific needs of the consumers served.


Through effective implementation, it is my hope that these Three Essential Components be demonstrated through our service and commitment to you and your family. We invite you to share in our vision and mission of making a difference in someone’s life in your community.


I now realize that nothing in life happens without a reason. I now realize that your greatest defeat can later serve as someone else’s greatest triumph.  If we have made the difference in the life of you or your loved one, then please accept our sincere gratitude. On behalf of the greatest, devoted and committed team at TPCS, we thank you for allowing us to fulfill the purpose in which we were created.  Yes, you are our purpose and that makes you our Top Priority!!!


Your President,

Sharon P. Johnson, MSW