Top Priority Care Services, LLC.

Corporate: 4401 Providence Lane

Winston-Salem, NC  27106

PRESIDENT/CEO: Sharon P. Johnson, MSW

Office: 336-896-1323 Direct Contact: 336-978-5271

Direct Fax: 336-722-9526


To provide services to individuals that may be at risk for out of home placement as a result of needs relating to mental, behavioral or physical health.


DUNS: 184704257


National Accreditation through Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities


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We are proud to announce our accreditation with CARF.




621420   Outpatient Mental Health & Substance Abuse Centers


621330   Offices of Mental Health Practitioners


541611    Administrative Management and Consulting Services


611710    Educational Consultants, Supports and Guidance

Counseling Services


923120    Community, Environmental and Mental Health Programs




(Established in October 2003 by a Master Level Social Worker.)


Top Priority’s uniqueness is exemplified through our capacity to provide a variety of comprehensive services. Each department has management and staff with specialized credentials and related experience with each population served. Our populations served consist of children/adolescents and adults experiencing difficulties due to a Mental Health or Developmental Disability.



  • Mental Health and Diagnostic Assessments
  • Individual/Family/Group Therapy
  • Case Management Services
  • Employee Assistant Programs
  • On Site Day Program for Adults with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities.
  • On Site Day Program for Substance Abuse Counseling.
  • On Site Program for Psychosocial Rehabilitation.
  • Housing Assistance Placement
  • Transitional Housing for Men & Women
  • Residential Home for Adults with Developmental Disabilities
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • Peer Support Specialist
  • Drug Testing
  • On Site Day School for Adolescents with extreme behaviour problems & cannot succeed in regular classrooms.



  • Psychologist
  • RN & Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist
  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers
  • Licensed Professional Counsellors
  • Master Level Vocation Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Certified Peer Support Specialist
  • & other undergraduates and Para Professionals with years of related experienced.
  • Medical Director (Psychiatrist with over 25 years of experience).



Babies Program – Qualified Professionals providing education and parenting skills to parents/families with an infant born with developmental disabilities.


Community Support– Para/Qualified Professionals providing direct support to both children and adults on an individual basis in the community. Primary goal was to promote rehabilitative and lifelong skills to prevent hospitalizations and institutional care.


Mentoring Program– Para Professionals providing direct mentoring services to adolescents diagnosed with a mental illness. Primary goal was to provide the additional support/incentive and structure needed to ensure client’s followed through with clinical goals.


Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program-A Licensed facility for adults with a Certified Substance Abuse Specialist providing daily structured individual/group counselling.


Psychosocial Rehabilation Programs– A Structured Program for adults designed to rehabilatate and/or teaches various education and life skills to for the purpose of preparation for independent living.


Day Supports Program– A program designed to provide an educational and habilatative environment for adults with developmental disabilities. This program has a specific focus on art creations for exhibit in the community and its own gallery. The participants are awarded a percentage of the sales. Other participants have the opportunity to work or volunteer in our Speciality Shop named Top’s Favs. This program also promotes music, drama productions, fitness classes and foreign language classes.


In Home Skill Building– this program provides habilitative learning in the home and community for individuals diagnosed with a developmental disability.


Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT) – A 7 Member Team led by a Psychiatrist to provide individual treatment approaches to adults with increased risk of suicide, hospitalizations and or institutions. This program consists of a Housing and Vocation Specialist, Case Management and Money Management.


Leadership Trainings- This service is provided quarterly, bi-annually or annually for managers, leaders in training and employees with leadership abilities. Key essentials are highlighted to assist each individual in reach their fullest potential as a leader in their field of specialty. This program is mobile and will travel.


Educational Campaigns/Awareness-  This service is provided to create an awareness to various topics for the purpose of educating specific populations while encouraging dialogue to increase the awareness. This is a mobile program and will travel to locations where the service is needed (school, place of employment, etc).

Transitional Housing for Women and Men-Currently, still provide housing for men that require temporary housing due to transitional needs such as saving for rent and deposit to enter individual housing, waiting on availability of housing and or completing outpatient treatment prior to releasing to individual housing.


Child & Adolescent Day Treatment Services-Currently, still provide this behavioural approach for students that are suspended or cannot successfully attend school due to a mental illness. Program is designed to provide the best treatment per individual student to ensure strategies are learned, rehearsed an modelled prior to returning to regular educational classes.


Individual/Group Therapy– providing direct psychotherapy to individuals and groups in the office, home, school or community.


Peer Support Programs-providing direct support and rehabilatative services by a possible former patient that have successfully completed treatment and a series of trainings and workshops to be credential as a Peer Support Specialist. The Peer Support Specialist provides direct support to individuals diagnosed with a mental illness or substance abuse. . T


Intensive In-home Family Based Model– A 3 Member Team led by a Licensed Professional providing counselling and parenting support to the entire family with one identified child/adolescent as the patient.


Community Support Team-A 3 Member Team for adults led by a Licensed Professional providing counselling and case management services to adults with a mental illness/substance abuse.


Respite Care– This service is provided to give the parents/guardians respite needed to take vacations or other purposes that may require an evening out etc.


  • Provide qualified/credentialed staff to provide services relating to mental health, developmental disabilities with all populations.
  • Provide indirect and direct trainings to other professionals that require knowledge and skills to improve their service delivery and or implement evidence best practices treatment methods.
  • Develop curriculums and treatment approaches to organizations, agencies and other professionals requiring the knowledge for specific populations.
  • Develop innovative, unique programs that will increase outside participation from patients and or professionals.
  • Provide direct services to populations diagnosed with a developmental disability or mental illness.
  • Provide Outcome Measurements and Results per various treatment approaches.
  • Oversee and implement services to populations that will increase their ability to secure employment, obtain housing, manage monies and or participate in individual therapy, groups, medication education and management.
  • Oversee residential or group home living for various populations.
  • Expand our knowledge of information and interventions that are required to meet the growing needs and challenges on both a state and national level.
  • Direct contact with local juvenile and adult court counselors and probations.
  • Direct contact with hospitals, jails, residential homes and institutions.
  • Direct contact with universities, graduate and PhD programs.
  • Flexible at all time with an Increased Network of other professionals nationwide.

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