About Top Priority Care Services

In October 2003, Top Priority Care Services began as an agency that purposed to serve only two clients. From that arrangement, other needs have been observed and humbly served. Through continued growth and expansion, this profession has afforded our staff the opportunity to serve consumers and their families who have overcome some of life’s greatest challenges.


Top Priority Care Services offers a variety of services to individuals, families, veterans, schools, workplaces, special initiatives, communities and national organizations. Our services begin with a consultation appointment to discuss your current need/s or problems you may be experiencing. Afterwards, a Mental Health Assessment is conducted by a licensed clinician to gather necessary information to gain a deeper, more complete understanding of the problem/s. Based on the results of the Assessment, the clinician will assist you in selecting the best program we offer to address your needs.


Our treatment approaches are evidence-based and best practices in the nation such as: Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Person Centered Thinking, Therapeutic Behavior Management and various models for Alcohol and Substance Abuse Disorders.


Currently, Top Priority is contracted to provide Innovative Development Disability, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services through: Alliance Behavioral Healthcare, CenterPoint Human Services, Partners Behavioral Health Management and Sandhills Center. Over 25 counties are being served in North Carolina.


Davie, Forsyth, and Stokes Counties

4401 Providence Lane

Suite 121, Winston Salem, NC 27106

Office: (336) 896-1323

Fax: (336) 896-1327

The Center for Lifelong Learning & Enrichment

4401 Providence Lane

Suite 101 Winston Salem, NC 27106

Office: (336) 896-1323

Fax: (336) 896-1327

Guilford County

308 Ste. M. Pomona Drive

Greensboro, NC 27407

Office: (336) 294-5611

Fax: (336) 294-5711

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